505 Special Watch is a multi-faceted and well-established security service operation founded in 1999 with a commitment to excellent service and value using the latest technology.

You can register to our services through our online application process.

We offer various services such as Manned guarding, Close protection, Private investigations, Mobile patrols and Electronic security services

Our personal security package involves an annual subscription package for the security service with a 24/7 security for any on-call emergency with an island-wide deployment of the team.

Our head office is located in 885, Dr. Danister De Silva, Mawatha, Colombo 14, Sri Lanka.

Yes. Our services are available islandwide.

Packages can be bought for below periods 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

We have 5 products at the moment but we also customize to your needs. Our current products are personal security, property security, security for vehicles, business and warehouse security and event security.

We use technology to bring the best security to our customers through ease and convenience. For example, we advanced cameras for events, detectors etc.

Our team is highly trained. We have ex-military personnel with years of experience in the field.