Personal Security


Personal Security

Your security and safety is our number one priority. We take into account the current concerns to make sure you are safe at all times. You need professional security officers on-site to handle your security and patrol needs, and that’s what 505 Special Watch provides. But there’s more. Our technology specialists and management teams are also right there to respond quickly to your specific needs. 505 Special Watch team will be there to anticipate, respond and adapt to your needs. Our personal security package is specially designed to give you optimum security wherever you may be.

Upon subscription, you will be entitled to the following facilities,
- 24/7 Surveillance & Camera Monitoring on requested locations
- 24/7 On-Demand Security
- All visits by Elite Security

Additional Services:

  • Elite security arrangements for events
  • Elite security driver
  • Undercover officer
  • Prior security assessments
  • Security officer presence prior to visit
  • Elite security driver officer for the spouse
  • Elite security driver officer for children
  • Walkie-talkie rental for Vehicle
  • 505 Special Watch Security Emblems for the Vehicle
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Vehicle
  • 4x4 security escorted vehicle
  • 4x4 camouflaged escorted vehicle